Reformer classes are limited to six clients per class and are performed on a Pilates machine that uses spring resistance. The reformer is designed to help assist clients into better form during Pilates exercises and resistance can be adjusted to each client’s needs. Trained instructors will provide hands-on cuing and personal attention to make sure clients are challenged and safe.


This class focuses on basic Pilates principles: core strength, increased flexibility, breath control and correct alignment to improve posture. Clients can adjust spring resistance to provide more assistance or more challenge to each exercise and therefore create an extremely effective workout. Beginners should take a $25 30-minute private consultation appointment before entering a class. Reservations for this consultation are available online under Personal Training.


This class explores more advanced Reformer exercises and is meant for clients that can respond to detailed and specific cuing. Clients are responsible for listening to their own bodies in all classes, but it is essential in this class to know when your body feels safe or not. We recommend that clients attend at least ten Beginner/Intermediate classes and have instructor approval before entering this class.


Accessible to both beginner and advanced clients, this class combines Reformer exercises with cardio by utilizing the Jumpboard attachment. Clients are able to jump on the machine with much less impact than they would experience on the ground. We recommend that clients attend a Beginner/Intermediate class prior to signing up for this class.