Private Instruction

privatesessions-2Private sessions are 55 minutes of personal instruction on the reformer and with other various props used in Pilates. These one-on-one sessions allow the instructor to address the specific needs of your own body using equipment designed to improve your core strength, flexibility and posture. Working from the inside out, private sessions help to correct muscle memory and reinvigorate your intrinsic musculature, which results in a taller, leaner physique, more even muscle tone and an overall sense of physical stability and strength.

Who should take private sessions?

“I’m a beginner.”

If you’ve never done Pilates before and you want to know what you are getting into before you step into a class, private sessions are a great way to learn the basic principles and basic exercises in a comfortable setting at your own pace.

“It’s been a while.”

A lot of clients come in and say this. Whether it’s been a while since you’ve done Pilates or it’s been a while since you’ve done any exercise, a private session will help you get back on your game with confidence.

“I’m pregnant”/”I’m a new mom.”

Pilates is one of the best options for exercise during pregnancy, and private instruction ensures the most safety for the baby and the mother. For more information, see our page on Pre- and Postnatal Pilates.

“I’m not doing something right.”

If there are one or two exercises that don’t make sense in class or seem impossible to do, private instruction offers an extra set of eyes to see what’s going wrong and helpful tips to make the impossible moves possible.

“I’m dealing with an injury.”

If you are recovering from a recent injury or surgery – anything from a broken toe to a hip replacement or chronic lower back pain – or if that old high school sports injury is still following you around, a private session allows you to spend some time rehabilitating your injury and some time working the non-injured parts to prevent further muscular imbalances or atrophy.

“I appreciate personal attention.”

Private instruction is the best way to learn about your own body. Where do you hold your stress? Which side of your body is more dominant? Where are your weaknesses? Your body stores a wealth of information if you care to listen for it.