Pre- and Postnatal Pilates

Please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen during pregnancy.

prenatalLisa is a certified Fusion Pilates Pre- and Postnatal instructor who can help you exercise safely and effectively throughout your pregnancy. Three private sessions are recommended before entering a group class to ensure the safety of mother and child.

Private sessions, Reformer classes and small group mat classes are available for clients during any stage of pregnancy.

Prenatal Mat classes are $12 each and are limited to 10 clients per class. Classes will be added to the schedule based on client need. Please contact the studio if you are interested in group prenatal classes.

Prenatal clients are welcome in any Reformer class.

Postnatal clients are encouraged to wait 6 weeks after delivery and have their doctor’s permission before returning to class. Clients that have practiced Pilates throughout their pregnancy should be able to transition into regular classes with simple modifications to abdominal work. ¬†Clients that are looking to start Pilates for the first time right after pregnancy should make an appointment for a FREE 30min consultation to discuss other possible modifications.

Pilates can be extremely beneficial in managing the great changes that occur in the body during and after pregnancy. Some of the greatest benefits of practicing Pilates during pregnancy include:

  • Prevention of back pain and joint discomfort by continually correcting the posture of the mother as the baby grows.
  • An increased awareness of the pelvic floor to make both delivery and recovery after delivery easier.
  • Breathing techniques that can provide relief in all stages of pregnancy and into labor.
  • Quicker full body recovery once the baby has arrived.
  • Greater body awareness.