This class focuses on basic Pilates principles: core strength, increased flexibility, breath control, & correct alignment to improve posture. All levels can follow the simple choreography & clear instruction.

Prenatal Clients

Pilates is a wonderful way to prepare you for changes as your baby grows. Our instructors can keep you safe during most exercises in our Beginner/Intermediate Mat & Reformer classes. Most clients participate in regular Mat classes until their third trimester.

Intro to Pilates Mat

This class is a free class designed to introduce you to proper breathing techniques, pre-Pilates movements, and the cueing that you will hear in a regular class. Learn new exercises and leave feeling prepared.

Please check with your healthcare provider before starting
any exercise regimen during pregnancy.


Open Level

This class is designed to give any client a challenging full-body workout. Modifications and/or advancements are given for most exercises to accommodate all fitness levels. While every class follows a similar format, the exercises and choreography are continually changing to keep you from reaching a workout plateau. We want you to stay “on your toes” mentally and literally.

Intro to Xtend

Looking to try Xtend Barre? This free class will introduce you to the Xtend format through beginner-level, effective exercises. You will learn basic barre terminology, move to the beat, and hear cues that will teach you proper form before jumping into a regular class.



The TRX suspension training system uses gravity and your own body weight to perform hundreds of exercises that are safe and effective. This 30min class focuses on strength, power and control with cardio bursts to keep your heart rate up. The exercises are familiar (squats, rows, lunges), but the added element of suspension challenges clients in a whole new way. Suitable for beginner and advanced students.

TRX / Circuit

We combine traditional TRX exercises with other movements to create an exercise circuit that focuses on the various parts of the body. Designed to keep you moving, each station is inspired by common strength building exercises including Pilates and Barre. Suitable for beginner and advanced students.