Fayetteville Pilates and Barre is Northwest Arkansas’ largest boutique fitness studio with a variety of group classes and personal training. Opened in 2012, we quickly outgrew the first location. In 2015 we moved to our new, custom designed studio in the Whole Foods shopping center. With a focus on community and the individual needs of our clients, all of our classes are low to moderate impact with a strong emphasis on alignment, correct muscle recruitment and whole body integration. We are also the only Authorized Training Center in the state of Arkansas for Balanced Body Teacher Training and are proud to help others pursue their passion for Pilates. Myself and our team welcome you to stop in and visit the studio, meet our team, take a class or attend an event.

Lisa Webb


The mastermind behind this wonderful form of exercise is a man that his clients lovingly called “Uncle Joe”. Born in Germany, he moved to England to teach self-defense to Scotland Yard and refined his exercise techniques in an internment camp when he was considered an “enemy alien”. After he was released, he emigrated to the United States in 1926 from Germany and his New York City studio was frequented by injured professional ballerinas and the rich and famous. Thus began a strong connection between dance and Pilates. Lucky for us, the recent popularity of Pilates in exercise programs has pulled the form out of the elite and into the life of your everyday “Joe.”

As a Balanced Body teaching studio, we offer Pilates Mat classes (exercises performed on a mat with other small props), Reformer classes (exercises performed on a machine in a small group setting) and Personal Training on the Reformer (one-on-one training on the Pilates machine).  We also provide teacher training for individuals that would like to deepen their practice or turn it into a career.


The Xtend Barre Workout is the premier ballet barre workout: Dance and Pilates Amplified. Andrea Rogers is the creator and owner of the Xtend Barre Workout and has been a professional dancer and choreographer since the age of 18. She believed in the Pilates principles (stabilization, concentration, control, flow, breath and precision) and observed the long-term results in her Pilates clients. In an effort to provide cross training and seek better results for her clients, she began to incorporate dance elements and music into her Pilates sessions in order to offer challenges in coordination, rhythm, and cardiovascular fitness.

The Xtend Barre system sculpts the body proportionally so that all body parts are equally challenged. This total body workout serves to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out. The end result is a long and lean physique without added bulk.


The TRX suspension trainer is a workout system that leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of different exercises. Created by a former Navy SEAL, this system develops balance, strength, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Clients work in all planes of motion to prepare the body for real world movement, like scooping up your kids, hiking up a mountain and working on your next DIY home project. TRX classes are suitable for all fitness levels because you can easily adjust your body to increase or decrease resistance.